About the Firm
Towerhill Capital Management ("THCM") was established in January 2000 and ceased operations in 2013. The firm and it's principal were registered in the United States as a Commodity Trading Advisor from April 2003 until April 2014. For the period that the firm was in operation, it conducted research, actively traded, and managed risks in the following global markets:
- Currencies
- Interest rates
- Broad equity indices
- Commodities

The firm also provided consulting services in the following areas:
- Market research
- Trading strategy design & implementation
- Portfolio construction & optimisation
- Product development
- Software specification & front-end design
- Trading room design

About the Firm's Principals:

Essan Soobratty, CFA

Born and raised in England, Essan has worked in the financial markets for over 20 years.  The first half of his career was spent working at banks in London and Tokyo  as a derivatives trader with market-making and portfolio management responsibilities.  He has also worked closely with global sales teams to develop investment products and risk management solutions for bank clients.